Movies are very much part of our daily lives and so they have a tremendous influence on our behaviour. They are a powerful means of entertainment as well as of education. They increase our knowledge, broaden our outlook and usually create a lasting impact in our minds. We tend to identify ourselves with our favorite heroes, even search for similarities between these characters and ourselves because we look up to them as our role models.

For example, movies like Rambo, Bruce Lee, or James Bond, continue to leave indelible marks in the way we behave or do our work:

  • Which soldier would not want to be a Rambo- the battle-hardened superhuman who can single-handedly bring down a whole army?
  • Which police spy would not want to be a James Bond- a very smart spy who uses ordinary-looking minute gadgets and beautiful women to infiltrate, outwit, and outmaneuver the enemy?
  • And which karate enthusiast would not want to be a Bruce Lee- a man known more for his incredible martial skills than for his strength?

Movies are a unique form of art and tend to generate a lot of interest and curiousity in viewers’ minds. They combine vision and sound to hook viewers in and have the capacity to transform an audience. Indeed, most filmmakers hope to finish the film with an audience that is no longer the same as when they entered the theater!

Movies help us understand a situation that we might otherwise only witness superficially. They represent reality like no other medium and as such do show us a fuller picture of places beyond our immediate experience. They don’t give us an escape from reality, but a deeper understanding about it, and we the audience leave such a film with a greater awareness of our world.

In coming up with the movie, SkyTOP Technologies sought to embrace this approach. AutoCAD® software is assigned the role of the main character (main star) in the movie and its main tools and commands presented as the arsenal of weapons for use by the ‘main star’ in the mission. Viewers are taken through the ‘plot’ by the AutoCAD®’s own camera. The viewers are kept engaged and in anticipation throughout. It ends with a thought-provoking appeal to the audience!

Except with the voice-overs and compilation, everything else in the movie has been created with plain AutoCAD® software. It is expected that viewers will be able to identify with the software as it showcases the various things it can do. Users of AutoCAD® will no longer be setting limits about what the software can do from a point of misinformation and hearsay, rather, from a point of knowledge and facts.