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Disaster Management Alert App

Disaster Management can be defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in FSAparticular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters. SkyTOP Technologies DMA App. Is a custom app and building specific integrated with the, building security systems to notify and instructon the evacuation safety models in place.

The software activates when you are 30m from the building to 0 meters (Inside the building) The app detects buildings that have similar security feature as you get in it asks you to accept the
synchronization with your app to be well updated about the building.


  1. In case of an alert it would notify persons within 30 meters of the building.
  2. When you are asleep or using your ear phones/headphones you will be able to get an alert.
  3. It will open a graphical simulation of the building to zones of danger and safety in color code form i.e.
    • Red-danger.
    • Yellow-intermediate.
    • Green-safe.
  4. It shows direction of danger and guides you to safe zones (recommends what to do next and its custom to the specific building.
  5. Shows intensity of the alert risk in terms of levels ranging from level 1-3.1 being low and 3 being high.

Grenfell Tower

Seventy-two people died after a huge fire engulfed Grenfell Tower, a west London residential tower block, in the early hours of Wednesday, 14 June 2017.

Burning Building

  1. Shows the number of people in the building and help in tactical neutralization (can only be seen by the security command center).
  2. Any building with the same integration will notify one to accept synchronization with the current building security feature(s) (You will still have a link to your initial building remotely).
  3. Reduces panic and confusion as it tells you what is imminent in real time.
  4. It has an option of three next of kins contacts in case of an alert/incidence which automatically sends texts out to allow enhanced emergency protocol to be taken by the security personnel responsible for the area.
  5. Keeps your tenants and employees top priority.
  6. Information can only be accessed by verified and vetted security personnel of reputable qualifications.
  7. It has the full building geo map location in real time.




Features of the APP

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