Industrial Condition Monitoring

Industrial Condition Monitoring

What is Industrial Condition Monitoring?

When it comes to operating industrial machinery, there is far more work involved than simply installing the  equipment and stepping back. Particularly in situations where critical process equipment is in play, the monitoring of the health and condition of the equipment is vital.
SkyTOp Industrial Condition Monitoring software is a predictive maintenance system that monitors the condition of a machine with the intent to predict mechanical wear and failure.


Without insightful machine monitoring systems in place, you can miss out on important signs of impending catastrophic failure. It allows the maintenance engineer to assess the situation without interrupting the means of production.

Why do you need Industrial Condition Monitoring?

Industrial condition monitoring is important because it provides information about the health of a machine. It is utilized to better understand the current health and performance of equipment. Each piece of equipment must be measured for performance to ensure the system as a whole operates efficiently and to avoid failures. You can use this information to detect warning signs early and help your organization stop unscheduled outages, optimize machine performance, and reduce repair time and maintenance costs.

Reduces maintenance costs

SkyTOP ICM helps save money, time, and resources. While there is cost involved with monitoring, it is usually minimal compared to the downtime associated with doing maintenance too often or making unexpected repairs. It also reduces the labor cost as it reduces the man power required to assess equipment condition.

Predicts equipment failures
Prioritizing Maintenance Tasks
Improves decision making process
Maximizing Production Output
Optimizes equipment performance
Improves equipment and component reliability
Reduces equipment downtime
Reduces equipment downtime

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