About Skytop Technologies Limited

Our Mission is to develop innovative solutions that let our clients become instantly proficient and passionate in use of modern design technologies.

Our Mission is to develop innovative solutions that let our clients become instantly proficient and passionate in use of modern design technologies.

Our Story

SkyTOP Technologies Ltd is a company incorporated and registered in Kenya in 2006. We develop disruptive smart technological solutions for the building and construction sector, the manufacturing sector, the education sector and the motor vehicle industry. These solutions seek to enhance individual and organizational performance by leveraging on modern tools of production to improve overall business performance.

Our solutions seek to enhance the adoption and use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software programs by professionals in the architectrual, engineering, design, surveying etc, and students and trainers in education and training institutions (high schools, TVETs and universities).


One of our premier product is SkyTOP DemosCAD- a software program built around Autodesk AutoCAD- the most widely used CAD software program in the world. Through SkyTOP DemosCAD, professionals and students around the world can instantly become passionate and skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD.

Our Focus

Students, professionals and industry players share one thing, – the desire to get the right skills in a timely and a cost-effective way. From our interaction with professionals and students in the design-related field, it is not easy to meet this desire when it comes to Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills.

Indeed, there is a yawning gap of disconnect between the enormous capabilities that come with cutting-edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, like AutoCAD software, and the ability of the user to fully explore and exploit what this technology has to offer in value addition.

Up-to-date Software Solutions

At SkyTOP Technologies, our core focus is to ensure that you acquire CAD skills with ease and in the shortest time possible. We do not train you, but we develop software that enables you to work with the latest CAD and BIM software like an expert!

We continuously search for ways to ensure that your focus to deliver value addition in any design project is realizable. We constantly research to be in touch with emerging frontiers in technology, this places us in a better position to anticipate new direction in CAD technology that serves you better. By using our products, you thereby attain effective outcomes in design by using the most advanced tools in CAD with ease, and impressive finesse.

Be Instantly Productive with AutoCAD

If you were to ask a good trainer to show you how to use Autodesk AutoCAD, he/she would run AutoCAD, click a tool of the software and then carry a task using that tool. He/she would repeat this procedure until you are able to use all the tools and commands of AutoCAD. In between the good trainer will demonstrate for you how some projects are carried out using a combination of tools in AutoCAD. Now, imagine a software program that does all that (and much more) for you1

This is what SkyTOP DemosCAD does. A software that lets AutoCAD users become instantly productive with AutoCAD by demonstrating each tool of AutoCAD within an environment similar to that of AutoCAD. In other words, DemosCAD is the ONLY AutoCAD simulator – the only one in the world today.

Similar Interface

The interface of SkyTOP DemosCAD is similar to that of Autodesk AutoCAD software - the only difference in their functionalities is, whereas AutoCAD commands and tools let you execute your CAD tasks, DemosCAD demonstrates these tools, showing you how to work with AutoCAD’s tools with ease.

Using SkyTOP DemosCAD is, therefore, like learning from the same product that you work with. This lets you learn how to work with the tools of AutoCAD without struggling to locate them in Autodesk AutoCAD software. SkyTOP DemosCAD also contains downloadable dwg files that you can use to perform similar exercises to those you see in the demonstrations using AutoCAD.

Our Vision

To be a World leader in development of Top notch innovative Technologies.

Our Values


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

Customer Commitment
Will to Win