DemosCAD® LT
DemosCAD® LT

DemosCAD LT is a skills-based DEMONSTRATION application that helps users to master all the tools and commands in AutoCAD LT software from Autodesk. Ideal for High School Students, DemosCAD LT introduces High School students aspiring to be Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, Designers, to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and lets them become passionate and proficient in AutoCAD LT

CAD Learning in High School

The syllabus for secondary schools in Kenya (and the world over) has been revised to enable the learner apply skills acquired in school to develop mentally, morally, socially and spiritually and appreciate career opportunities that exist in the world of technology today. The syllabus includes Computer Studies as an examinable unit under the 8-4-4 education system. The aim of this is to equip students with basic information and communication technology (ICT) skills that will enable them use ICT for accomplishing day-to-day tasks at school, home and in the world of work.

One application area of ICT is in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). CAD, as we know it has gradually replaced the use of traditional tools such as rulers, pens and T-squares because of the numerous benefits derived from its use. Design professionals such as architects, engineers and fashion designers are now relying on CAD to carry out their tasks.

CAD Skills Requirement After High School
Relevance of DemosCAD LT to High School Students
DemosCAD LT Interface
DemosCAD LT inspires and makes it easier for learners at high school level to seamlessly work with AutoCAD LT while introducing them to more advanced software from Autodesk like AutoCAD. This will prepare and motivate them to confidently pursue technical courses that involve usage and application of CAD in the universities and colleges.