SkyTOP CiSA Receives Endorsement by UNESCO Commission- Kenya

SkyTOP CiSA – the software that seeks to equip the high school student with knowledge and skills on the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools- today received endorsement by the UNESCO Commission for Kenya- a United Nations body whose education programme “seeks to promote education as a fundamental human right by providing quality education, facilitating policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building”,

The CiSA endorsement letter, which was presented to SkyTOP Technologies Ltd Managing Director- Mr. Paniel Mwaura- by the Secretary General of the UNESCO Commission- Dr. Evangeline Njoka-contains the following report:

“In pursuance of our universal goal on quality education, UNESCO has evaluated the CiSA software presented to us by SkyTOP Technologies Ltd for evaluation and endorsement. In our opinion, CiSA has the potential to give students good exposure to Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications, especially those interested in pursuing courses like architecture, engineering and even fashion design. We recommend the programme to interested schools in the country.”

The significance of this prestigious endorsement by a United Nations body is a clear attestation that our local challenges are not unique to Kenya but indeed to majority of Third World nations where education systems are yet to embrace modern teaching and learning technologies. And cutting edge innovations such as the CiSA software inspire and stimulate a fundamental change of attitude in young learners in these developing nations to start embracing these tools for posterity.


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