Company Profile

SkyTOP Technologies Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Kenya- under Certificate No. C. 129360 – is an entity whose core business is software development and support.

Its clients include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Professionals in the building and construction sector- architects and interior designers, designers, engineers, real estate developers and construction managers
  • Education Institutions – high schools, tertiary institutions and universities

The Company is also involved in CAD consultancy, training and support.

The Company’s flagship product for the building and manufacturing sectors – which so far has taken close to six years to develop- is set to be released into the market soon. Currently this product is undergoing a six-month beta test by a well-known multinational company in the manufacturing sector.

Elly Ongoma
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Alfayo Ongeri (PhD. Mech. Eng.)
Director, Technical Skills Development & Support
Dr. Joseph Muguthu (PhD. Manufacturing & Automation Engineering)
Director, Consulting & Special Projects
Alexander Kagua
Finance Manager
Yvonne Onsotti
Human Resources / Administration Manager
Richard Mochama
Channel Sales and Marketing Manager, East Africa
Kelvin Karanja Kuria (MSc. Civil Engineering)
Products Development Manager, DemosCAD Platform
Paul Mwaniki
Software Development Manager, DemosCAD Platform
Steve Umeme
Audit & Compliance Manager
Leah W. Munyiri
Marketing & Liaison Executive
David Ngachi
Business Development Manager
Alex Cynthia Nyabola
Senior Digital Sales Executive

Who is Eligible?

Any investor is welcome to apply for registration as a partner at the tier level they feel most convenient for them as specified on partner portal on the SkyTOP Technologies website. Established cyber cafes, bookshops and Private Schools are particularly encouraged to apply.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We provide our employees with opportunities where they can discover and develop their talents. we provide adequate training and a very conducive work environment to ensure success in the careers of our staff.

Currently no vacancies

Interested candidates kindly visit our LinkedIn career page for updates on job vacancies

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