CiSA program is a unique initiative designed and developed by SkyTOP Technologies to equip and popularize Computer Aided Design (CAD) solutions to those aspiring to become architects, engineers, designers, construction managers etc. The program specifically seeks to equip high school students who have never been exposed to CAD with crucial skills that not only prepare them to fit into their dream careers, but which also help unlock their potential so they may become productive right after high school.

One unique feature of the CiSA program is that it is developed as a self-learning program that comes with software designed to take learners through all the features and capabilities of popular CAD products without the need for instructors. And to enroll, all you need is to:

  • Purchase a CiSA software DVD from any CiSA Program Centre near you (for those with personal computers), or
  • Visit your nearest CiSA Program Center and register for the program (for those without personal computers)

The Program has two levels; CiSA Module One (Fundamental) and CiSA Module Two (Professional)


CiSA Module I

This is an entry level into the CiSA program and is basically an awareness initiative targeting those without prior knowledge of CAD. It seeks to engage, inspire and capture the hearts and minds of the young generations in order to get them passionate about using CAD applications.

Those in Module I will use CISA v 1.0 software as a self- learning aid. The software is an introductory version of the CiSA Program and is built around Autodesk AutoCAD software- the most widely used CAD software in the world. This version showcases the many things you can do using AutoCAD software.

Integrated within CiSA v 1.0 software are demonstrations, numerous animated clips and fascinating works created with plain AutoCAD software. This is designed to give learners an opportunity to identify with – and get inspired by – the various tools and commands of AutoCAD software.

CiSA Module I program is divided into various sessions as happens in a conventional training seminar. These sessions are organized in sequences that assist learners to easily understand and appreciate the role of CAD in the design world.

Being the link between students and CAD this module enables students to observe, experience and appreciate the capabilities and benefits of CAD applications even before they get hands-on experience with such products.

So, if you are learner whose goal is to become an architect, CAD technician, designer, engineer, project manager, real estate developer or builder, you will find this Program inspiring and valuable.


CiSA Module II

CiSA Module II is designed for those who have successfully completed CiSA Module I or those with prior knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes. It is designed around CiSA v 2.0 software and seeks to equip learners with CAD skills that enable them unlock their potential and realize their dreams.

CiSA Module II is therefore an advanced and comprehensive version of CiSA Module I program. It is built around Autodesk AutoCAD software – the most widely used CAD software in the world. Under this module, a learner gets to know how to utilize the tools and commands of Autodesk AutoCAD software to independently create his/her own designs.

As with CiSA Module I, no trainer or instructor is required for the CiSA Module II program; instead, learners use CiSA v 2.0 software to go through the various functionalities of Autodesk AutoCAD software step-by-step. And through integrated demonstrations, tutorials, animations, and exercises, they also learn how to create their own projects from concept to completion using the various tools and commands of Autodesk AutoCAD software.

Those who successfully complete this Module are awarded Certificate of Proficiency that opens them to numerous opportunities in the building, construction and manufacturing sectors.

So, if you are a person with dreams, goals, and ambitions and desires to become a CAD technician, architect, designer, engineer, project manager, construction professional etc, you will find this Module very valuable and engaging.

High school teachers who teach such subjects as mathematics and physics will also be delighted to learn how CAD is used in the teaching of these subjects.