Autodesk has over the years greatly improved AutoCAD® to serve the needs of user; what with the numerous new features that make AutoCAD® more powerful; the improved features that make AutoCAD® more reliable and flexible, and the supported features that maintain AutoCAD® ’s distinctive identity! AutoCAD® is still evolving, and there is no end to this progressive growth.

Yet while these features are expected to make AutoCAD® more popular and thereby translate into a corresponding growth in AutoCAD® sales, a casual survey on the ground portrays a different scenario; many users are yet to benefit from these features either because they do not know that they exist, or are simply not keen to utilizing them. And the development of industry-specific software such as Autodesk® Revit® or Autodesk® Inventor® has not helped matters for AutoCAD® either, going by responses from some AutoCAD® users.

Recognizing that there are many resources (including at the Autodesk® Website) that Autodesk® mobilizes in its endeavor to make AutoCAD® more popular, some users argue that despite its many benefits, the web is expensive, cumbersome, and in some cases, unreliable due to infrastructural limitations. These users would rather alternative ways through which they can update themselves about AutoCAD® software.

A closer look at the AutoCAD® marketing will reveal that AutoCAD® is generally viewed as software that requires other applications inorder to deliver the desired results; the 3DS Max or the Autodesk® Vault* are excellent examples. This indeed is the main reason why many users still argue that AutoCAD® is basically a drafting tool.

This work therefore seeks to dispel that line of argument. It helps users avoid setting limits to the capabilities of AutoCAD® software through misinformation and hearsay, (as happens often). Those who use AutoCAD® in conjunction with other applications such as 3DS Max® can then know at what stage in the design process do such software come in.

The work however is not a training manual; rather, it is an inspirational movie that seeks to show users the very best of AutoCAD® software and demonstrates the extent to which the software can be used in the design process.