This promotional video has been created to give students (and the general viewers) an idea of what CAD in Schools-Africa (CiSA®) Software, a product of SkyTOP Technologies Ltd, is about.

Aware that most students in high schools -including those about to join university- have no idea what CAD is, even as they aspire to pursue design-based courses after high school, the video gives an insight about the CiSA® Software.

While it is a fact that there are many CAD products available in the market today, it should be acknowledged that many of these products are industry specific, i.e., they are developed for use by professionals or college students already pursing design-based courses.

Such products are therefore beyond the scope of high schools students who lack the requisite expertise of the industries on which these products are developed.

On the other hand, AutoCAD® software cannot be said to belong to this category; it is basically a drafting and modeling software that is used by all those interested in design-based careers. It is this uniqueness that makes it ideal to those who are yet to become design professionals, including high school students.

Yet, depending on one’s skills, AutoCAD® does give results far superior to those created using the so-called vertical products.

Shot on location at two of Kenya’s most prominent schools which have already embraced CiSA® Software, this promotional video gives an insight as to why education should now be demand-driven as envisioned in the Vision 2030 goals.