CAD Technology: The Latest Trends


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CAD Technology: The Latest Trends

September 13, 2018

Computer-aided design is the application of computer technology to create designs that are used in different disciplines and industries. CAD can be used to design numerous products, with a high degree of accuracy in measurements plus adequate documentation of the  process.

CAD has developed to be among the best computer design method, facilitating a broad array of processes that can be used in manufacturing through the easy transfer of comprehensive diagrams to a designing and manufacturing system.

It has facilitated production of 2-D and 3-D diagrams that one can rotate at any angle in order to view details of the diagram from different perspectives.

The complete design with its renderings can be printed using specialized printers or plotters.

CAD has Many Uses

Computer-aided design applications can be applied in:

Production of 2D/3D detailed designs of the physical parts of a product being manufactured.

Creation of conceptual designs, layouts of products, carrying out dynamic/strength analysis before the manufacturing and assembly process

Preparation of reports and designs on environmental impact that can be used to produce an interior and exterior rendering to view how they look after constructing a new structure.

Latest Trends in CAD

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With evolving technology, computer-aided design is also changing. The following are the top CAD trends expected to take dominance in the coming years in the design industry:

  1. Upstart Technology

As any other technology solution, CAD is undergoing through an accelerated pace of changes to adapt to this ever-changing digital technology world.

Many enterprises around the world are releasing cutting edge solutions which can offer new and wonderful functionalities. Most of these solutions are collaborative and cloud-based.

This means that the traditional CAD solutions providers such as Autodesk will face cutting edge competition from upstart technical firms which are significant contributors of the new design trends.

  1. CAD on Mobile

Mobility and mobile access have emerged as top two most vital of the aspects that any organization or person is looking for in any technology. Mobile access to CAD will be among the top trends in years to come.

From various surveys, 30% of CAD software developers currently are exploring on some means to make customers access their software on mobile platform. This percentage is expected to increase by a good margin every year.

Mobile access enables people to use tools and other relevant apps and data anywhere, anytime. This means increase in productivity and this explains why tech experts around the world are exploring innovative ways in which CAD can be accessible on mobile.

  1. IoT

IoT stands for Internet of Things. This refers to a network of devices which are connected and capable of interaction with, and collection of data from their surroundings. The connected objects can interact and send signals to each other.

These devices can either be cars, parts of an office, home or factory. IoT is one of the latest trends in information technology, and has caught the attention of many people.

Cisco estimates that over 50 billion devices will be online and part of an IoT network worldwide by 2020. This will obviously change how we work as well as how we accomplish our daily tasks in a very dramatic way.

Although most people will be affected by this change, engineers are likely to be affected the most. Imagine all manufacturing plants, facilities and factories coming online, there will be massively new standards of efficiency introduced.

CAD will evolve as the most preferred method of designing newer machines that will be interactive and capable of delivering incredible performance.

  1. CAD and the Cloud

In the coming years, CAD and the cloud are expected to grow together. CAD designing in the cloud is among the latest trends in CAD, and it will change how we access and use tools .

Rapid development in cloud computing is becoming a great way for businesses to access needed information, or make it available to people on the go. The cloud today is allowing designers to store their design work on cloud platforms, enabling them to access it anywhere.

Cloud computing will offer so many benefits to CAD designers including mobility, large storage capacity, ease of software update and significant reduction of costs.

In conclusion, there are many more trends in CAD but most will be influenced by the accelerated pace of technology changes that we are witnessing in the modern world as well as new upcoming enterprises and players in this industry. Please share your views on this topic in the comment section.

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