2018’s Best Architecture Mobile Apps


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2018’s Best Architecture Mobile Apps

August 13, 2018

In the fast-paced world we live in today, each one of us is on a daily mission to seek the most effective way to work, exercise, learn, lose weight etc. Anything that makes our lives easier is loved and embraced.

Gone are the days of working hard, it is now time to work smart. To discover the best apps, systems, regimes, and methods, we watch another YouTube channel and read yet another article, like this one.

So, lets uncover some of the 7 Finest Apps this year for our Architects, shall we?

MagicPlan (iOS/Android)

Just like the name suggest, MagicPlan really does magic to your life!  It is a multitool that enables one to take a room’s measurement without a measuring tape with your phone camera. One can also create floor plans, create quotes, estimate materials and generate reports. Pretty magical, right?

Also Ideal for: Realtors, Interior Designers, Firefighters and Home Inspectors

Construction Master Pro (iOS/Windows/Android)

Let’s admit it, not everyone of us is a Math’s genius and while we are still admitting to things we are not good at, not every architect is great at calculations either. There you have it! That is why an App like Construction Master is there. It calculates areas and volumes, offers accurate solutions and yes, it saves you the hustle of carrying a physical calculator.

Also Ideal for: Builders, Contractors, Designers, Draftspersons, Engineers, Framers/Carpenters and Tradesmen

iRhino 3D (iOS)

We all like convenience, that is why we are here. iRhino 3D offers much more than the convenience of not carrying your computer whenever you need to work on your 3D.  With a tap of your finger, you can Pan, zoom, and rotate.  

It also allows you to load Rhino Models from web sites, Google Drive, Dropbox, email attachments, or from iTunes. And the good thing about it, you can save views as images for markup and emailing.

Also Ideal for: Engineers, Designers

Planimeter (iOS/Android)

Lost bearing? Then let Planimeter locate you with its GPS tracking tool. Besides measuring area, angles, coordinates and perimeter, Planimeter Measures distances for bike rides, golf courses or race tracks.

Also Ideal for: Builders, landscape designers, urban planners, and construction engineers.

AutoCAD 360(iOS/Android/Windows)

It is undeniable, AutoCAD is the most essential software for Architects. Now, The AutoCAD mobile apps give you the power to take your AutoCAD and Revit files anywhere you go.

It is a 2D drawing and drafting app that lets you create, view, edit and share AutoCAD’s drawings.

Also Ideal for: Builders, Contractors, Designers, Draftspersons, Engineers,

DemosCAD (iOS/Android)

Did you hear the news? Of course, you must have! DemosCAD is a skills-based software that enhances the skills of AutoCAD users. It allows them to work with a similar interface as that of AutoCAD, essentially making it a ‘Demos AutoCAD’! Demonstrating the commands of AutoCAD.

It has a feature that introduces AutoCAD’s users to the new and most current AutoCAD release in the market. 2018 is truly your year Architects!

Ideal for: All AutoCAD’s users.

Sun Seeker (iOS)

Sounds like something straight out of a classical series next to Legend of the Seeker. Sun Seeker allows an architect to pinpoint the sun’s angle, position and path during the day.

Site analysis on another level! Sun Seeker uses an interactive 3D view that will tell you the amount of sunlight a certain building will receive.

Also Ideal for: Photographers, Cinematographers, Real Estate Buyers, Drivers, Campers, Gardeners and All Sun Lovers! 

Now that we have discovered the perfect architectural mobile apps for 2018, should we expect the most memorable designs by then end of the year? If there is any remarkable app that you have been using and is not on the list, feel free to share it with the rest of us.

Written by: Kui Anne

Last modified on Monday, 13 August 2018 17:09

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