SkyTOP Technologies Receives CiSA software Evaluation Report from KICD

SkyTOP Technologies ltd, the developers of CiSA software, today received the evaluation report of CiSA software from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)- the body mandated by the government of Kenya to, among other responsibilities, vet and evaluate all educational materials developed for use by schools in Kenya.

The report, which was handed over to the Managing Director of SkyTOP Technologies, Mr. Paniel Mwaura, by the Director of KICD, Dr Lydia N. Nzomo (OGW) through the Institute’s Deputy Independent Administrator, Ms Edith Wekesa, described CiSA software thus:

“CiSA software is relevant to the target group (high school students) and the material in the software covers the relevant concept and skills. The information in CiSA software is current and appropriate to the level of the user (the high school student). CiSA software also promotes positive values, attitudes and gender responsiveness. All vocabularies and sentence structures in CiSA software are within the level of the learner (the high school student). All the multimedia elements in CiSA software are relevant, interactive, adequate and varied.”

It is to be noted that CiSA software was submitted to the KICD on the advice of the Ministry of Education after it successfully underwent preliminary evaluation and testing on its suitability as an instructional material (for use in schools) by the ministry. The testing and evaluation of CiSA software was carried out at the National ICT Integration and Innovation Centre (NI3C), a public body tasked with the promotion of Science, Technology and Mathematics in secondary schools in Kenya.

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