SkyTOP CiSA Receives Endorsement by Kenya’s Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat

SkyTOP CiSA – the software that seeks to equip the high school student with knowledge and skills on the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools- today received endorsement by Kenya’s Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat- a body whose key mandates “is to provide strategic leadership and coordination of Vision 2030 goals which will transform Kenya to a globally competitive and prosperous country.”

The CiSA endorsement letter, which was officially presented to SkyTOP Technologies Ltd Managing Director- Mr. Paniel Mwaura, by Prof. Gituro Wanaina- Director of Social and Political Pillar of Kenya Vision 2030, contains the following excerpt:

“We have evaluated CiSA software presentation to us by SkyTOP Technologies Limited. In our opinion, CiSA has the potential to provide an opportunity to students in secondary schools and higher education and training institutions good exposure to, and indeed the benefits of, Computer Aided Design (CAD).

“Some of the key projects and programmes to realize Vision 2030 are intensive application of Science, Technology and Innovation as well as Information and Communication Technology in the various sectors to improve productivity and efficiency. To this end, VDS appreciates and endorses the CiSA initiative by SkyTOP Technologies Limited. We recommend CiSA programme to all secondary schools in Kenya and, indeed, higher education and training institutions.”


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