Background of the ‘AutoCAD Capture live!’ Movie

Paniel Mwaura, the author of the ‘AutoCAD Captured Live!’ Movie, is a former consultant at Autodesk. As a consultant, Paniel was required to, among other responsibilities, train Autodesk dealers’ technical, sales and marketing staff on the use of Autodesk products- including Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit. At the same time, Paniel was required to attend to technical issues raised by Autodesk dealers and, where necessary, Autodesk customers in Africa with respect to Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit software.

It was while undertaking these assignments in Africa that Paniel was confronted with the reality on the ground in as far as the use of AutoCAD software was concerned; whereas there was reasonable awareness about AutoCAD software, this was only in respect of AutoCAD’s drawing and drafting functionalities. Other powerful and exciting features of AutoCAD software such as 3D modeling, animations and 3D printing capabilities were thought to be beyond the software!

To compound the problem, AutoCAD has for a long time been marketed as a software programme that requires third party applications such as Autodesk 3DS Max or Autodesk Vault for 3D modeling and animation tasks. Indeed, there has not been much to show, even from the developers themselves, about AutoCAD’s capabilities in these aspects…and this has helped sustain the notion that the software is mainly for use in drafting tasks only.

By coming up with the movie concept, Paniel seeks to give Autodesk customers, and especially AutoCAD fans around the world, an opportunity to see first-hand the real power of AutoCAD software and hopefully change the above scenario once and for all! And as the title of the movie says, ‘AutoCAD Captured Live!’ Movie depicts AutoCAD software as that “character who has wedged an all-out war against all those long-held misconceptions, hearsay and unsubstantiated claims about him! And he is doing this, not through catfights, gossip or violence, but through the softest but very effective method at his disposal- the charm offensive approach!

The work, which has taken years to make, is an inspirational movie that seeks to show users the very best of AutoCAD software and demonstrates the extent to which the software can be used in the design process. Care to find out?