Design is all around us, and it’s never too early to learn about the amazing things that design enables- Autodesk®.

CiSA® software is a product developed by SkyTOP Technologies Limited to engage, inspire and capture the hearts and minds of the young generations in order to get them proficient and passionate about using CAD applications.

CiSA® v 1.0 is an introductory version of the CiSA® software and is built around Autodesk® AutoCAD® software- the most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in the world. This version showcases the many things that can be created using AutoCAD® software.

Being the link between students and CAD, CiSA® v 1.0 software enables students to observe , experience and appreciate the capabilities and benefits of CAD applications even before they get a hands-on experience with these applications.

Integrated within CiSA® v 1.0 software are demonstrations, numerous animated clips and fascinating works created with plain AutoCAD software. This is designed to give learners an opportunity to identify with, and get inspired by the various tools and commands of AutoCAD software.

CiSA® v 1.0 software is divided into various sessions as happens in a training seminar. These sessions are organized in sequences that assist students to easily understand and appreciate the role of CAD in the design world.

The CiSA® v 1.0 Interface is designed with the AutoCAD Interface in mind and has a browser that functions like those of commonly used browsers such as Microsoft ® Windows explorer. This enables the user to easily relate with AutoCAD software through the simulated AutoCAD software tools Panels while at the same use the browser to easily access the presentations, demonstrations and animations available at the Viewer window.

The CiSA gallery menu provides students with an opportunity to view some very fascinating works created with plain AutoCAD software.

However, since this version of CiSA® software is an introductory release, the commands and tools of AutoCAD® software have been given and simulated in clusters of Ribbon Panels only and in accordance with their degree of complementarities – it wouldn’t help much to present and demonstrate each and every tool and command of AutoCAD software at this stage.

Any interested user can also make use of the Search window provided at the CiSA® software interface to search and familiarize himself with some of the terminologies used in the AutoCAD software.

The CiSA Interface also provides a Video Control bar. The control bar lets the user watch the animations and demonstrations at his own pace. The user can pause, forward or rewind animations as and when he feels like.

A common feature of the entire work is the level of entertainment provided to create a relaxed atmosphere. There is music, laughter and fanfare all though and one will be forgiven to assume that all this is about fun and entertainment!

The entire work focuses on the new user; the student in high school or college who has had no prior exposure to the AutoCAD® software. The language used by the narrator is simple and to the point so the viewer is able to follow and get intensively informed.

Unlike in conventional seminars, where huge resources are deployed in the transmission of such knowledge to participants, this work is able to not only realize such an objective in unbelievably short time, but it easily captures the viewer’s mind- with the possibility of turning him into an AutoCAD evangelist even before he acquires hands-on experience!

One immediate impact of CiSA® software is that majority of those who use it become AutoCAD evangelists even before they acquire hands-on experience with AutoCAD software! It is undoubtedly a product of choice for the young and the old, the novices and the gurus, the untrained and the trainers!