Technical Project/Product Manager

Technical Project/Product Manager

March 14, 2019


A project manager with a keen understanding of software products, digital business growth and excellent coordination skills.

The Project Manager to work within the Digital Business and E-commerce department as a primary lead in managing projects, monitoring the progress of digital business initiatives and generating reports. The Project Manager (PM) to support mission-critical software projects throughout the project lifecycle by ensuring customer and user needs are factored into the process.


  • Act as the primary coordinator and contact between the digital business department and product development, support and offline marketing teams.
  • Maintain good stakeholder communication primarily with customers, local technical and marketing teams, and R&D teams.
  • Understand and plan for the complexity of leading across multiple teams to deliver internet-scale applications. Uncover critical dependencies and risks to product launch.
  • Work with engineers to get status updates on projects, discuss and document risks and dependencies, and update the schedule in a project management tool.
  • Collect, maintain and disseminate project information to stakeholders on an ongoing basis.
  • Work with the digital business team to develop product requirements in line with user requirements.
  • Be the key analytics and reports manager for the department. Develop and relay analytics data and progress reports in a consumable manner. Analytics from CRM, Google, Chartmogul etc.
  • May be involved in developing mockups to demonstrate solution functionality.
  • Analyze information from the User Operations team, user surveys and usability testing to identify and prioritize actionable feedback.
  • Organize critical meetings between Product, Support, offline marketing and Digital Business teams to ensure fluidity during project commencement, development, hand over and launch.
  • Act as the primary report to the Digital Business and E-commerce director.
  • Review draft documentation and ensure it contains all required information.
  • Coordinate documentation with the engineering team and assign due dates.
  • Enhance communication between engineers by scheduling TEMs (Technical Exchange Meetings) to discuss issues and risks.
  • Work with engineers and the customer to adjust the schedule baseline or project scope. Update documentation based on customer requirements and decisions. Ensure all directives from the customer are documented.
  • Attend engineering meetings as needed.
  • Update project templates as needed.


  • Bachelors degree in computer science, engineering or related field.
  • At least 2 years’ experience as a project manager in a technology company
  • Experience working on cross-functional teams to deliver internet applications at scale.
  • Experience working with direct to consumer software products
  • Detail and design-oriented and always thinking of the end-user experience.
  • Experience building SaaS products is an added advantage
  • Technical skills include wire-framing or prototyping
  • BONUS- Understanding of digital marketing.
  • Ability to analyze and use data to make informed product decisions.

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