With the adoption of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools by professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, design, construction and manufacturing sectors, possessing CAD skills has become very crucial for those interested in pursuing design related careers. Indeed, it is now inconceivable for any design professional to have an edge if he or she does not possess vital CAD skills.

A number of higher institutions of learning such as universities and some middle level colleges have acknowledged this fact and now rely on CAD programs to teach design related courses. This is to enable their students to easily fit in the competitive labour market upon graduating.

Due to the crucial role CAD plays in the modern world, it long became indispensable for high school students to also get early exposure to CAD skills so they may realize their potential. Indeed, most of the countries in the developed world such as the US and Britain long integrated CAD education in their high school curriculum.

However, in Africa, as in many developing countries, a large proportion of secondary school students opting for design-based courses at higher institutions of learning are not aware of the existence of CAD programs. This is because, unlike in developed world, the local education systems are yet to incorporate CAD education at secondary school level. Yet universities and other tertiary institutions expect their students to have basic CAD skills at entry level.

Still, introducing CAD to students who have no previous knowledge of the general CAD technology is quite a daunting task. This is mainly because of the ‘complex’ concepts associated with these technologies.

It therefore became imperative that programs be put in place that enable students interested in design-based careers to acquire basic CAD skills before completing their secondary school education. This is how the CiSA program came into the scene.

CiSA seeks to change the existing scenario in Africa and beyond by providing the vital channel through which CAD skills reach the high school student. The program seeks to oversee the evolution of a high school student from one who is averse to technology to one who is passionate and proficient about using such technologies.

An initiative of SkyTOP Technologies Ltd, CiSA program involves engaging with policy makers and stakeholders both in and outside of governments such as teachers, trainers, students and even parents with a view to establishing their level of preparedness in the adoption and in the use of CAD applications.