AutoCAD is a computer aided design software program created by Autodesk. Professionals use AutoCAD to digitally draw, import, export and publish 2- and 3-dimensional designs. Some of the industries that use this desktop technology are outlined below.


Professional architects use AutoCAD to design residential homes, office buildings, commercial developments and landscapes. The software allows them to map out the stages of a construction process or create complex 3-dimensional design concepts. They may also use the program to create 2-dimensional drafts of floor plans and surface features such as windows and roofs. Architects can also utilize AutoCAD to create presentations for contractors or city zoning boards.

Interior Designers

AutoCAD allows interior designers to create functional spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, such as residential dining rooms, hotel suites, corporate conference facilities or other indoor environments. With AutoCAD, interior designers can create detailed images of interior spaces that include furniture and appliances. This may involve creating layers, scaling designs, inserting objects and manipulating floor plans. AutoCAD also allows interior designers to present design concepts to potential clients.

Civil Engineers

The Civil 3D version of AutoCAD contains applications specific to the design of bridges, roads, tunnels and other structures common in the built environment. With this software, engineers can incorporate geographical features into a design, such as the elevation of a landscape. They can also use AutoCAD to design and map hydraulic systems or utilities infrastructures.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers can use AutoCAD to design an entire manufacturing process or create prototypes for the finished product. They can also map out the automated processes of lathes or other machine tools. The result is a consumer product with a surface design or curve manufactured to the engineer’s specifications