The Mission: ‘Operations Charm the World!’

“Mr. AutoCAD® Sir….

“The world out there has heard a lot about you. Many are familiar with you. And many more have actually engaged you! When I look around, I see your hand in almost everything that is man-made; the roads, the buildings, the vehicles, name it! And when I move around, I hear different accounts about you, some very fascinating…others very inspiring! For aren’t you the one who kicked out that drawing table from our offices- thus revolutionizing the way we do our work? You are an icon….you are a legend! No wonder we hold you so dear!

“But I also hear unpleasant stories about you…stories that could be utterly false… stories that are half truths or downright lies…stories that could be based on mere propaganda! Some say that you are too tedious to work with and that you carry unnecessary paraphernalia which you rarely make use of. That you are only competent at drafting tasks- which is a minor service in modern world! They even claim that you are a dunderhead…that you have little brainpower… that unlike your colleague Madam Revit, or Mr. Inventor, you don’t even comprehend what you do. That’s why you blindly follow instructions from your charges! Oh, how I feel you, Mr. AutoCAD® Sir!

“As happens every year, you have recently undergone some enhancements… some reconstruction…. some modernization to prepare you for greater challenges. Don’t you now feel way better, way stronger, more re-energized? This is therefore an opportunity for you to prove your worth!

“Meanwhile, there is a phenomenon that is now hitting global headlines: •Autodesk® BIM 360 Glue helps The Walsh Group accelerate collaboration among subcontractors

  • Architectus, a multi award-winning practice, uses Revit® Architecture software to optimize design documentation, increase productivity, and exceed client expectations
  • Autodesk® BIM software solutions help MEP firm KLH Engineers design an energy-efficient library environment for a priceless rare book collection.”
  • Autodesk® BIM solutions enable Balfour Beatty to complete a luxury hotel 2 months ahead of schedule
  • British joint venture uses Autodesk® project management Infrastructure and software to improve one of Europe’s busiest highways
  • Dutch civil engineering firm Breijn B.V. uses Autodesk® building information modeling (BIM) solutions to design and simulate construction of a replacement railroad bridge
  • The City of Riviera Beach completes roadway design project 60 days ahead of schedule using AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software.

“Mr. AutoCAD® Sir…….

“This new wave that is sweeping around the world is threatening your very existence, your long cherished dominance! Everyone- from architects to designers, from engineers to builders- all are embracing the new kids on the block; the BIM generation! What is it that they have which you don’t have?

“Out there, there is a huge gathering of curious people; architects, designers, engineers, builders, manufacturers. They have heard about your rebirth, your rejuvenation, your transformation. They are high on expectations, high on hope, high on trust. Because they know of your potential! They need to see you in action…live!

“It’s now the deciding moment, Mr. AutoCAD®! You are to go on a charm offensive… convincing the world that you are way better than what they know you for…countering all those rumours about you! You will build cities, roads, bridges, structures, utensils, equipments, vehicles, and even aircrafts…all by yourself! You will build theatres where you will conduct demonstrations, galleries where you will exhibit your work, halls where you host seminars!

“As you walk your guests along, they will analyze your performance, they will evaluate your strengths, they will assess your capabilities. Remember even the guys from Boeing will be keenly watching you. I guess they have one or two things they may engage you for, that is, if you convince them!”

“Mr. AutoCAD® Sir…..

“I know you have no voice of your own, Mr. AutoCAD®. Not to worry though, because your sweetheart, Microsoft Windows- with whom you have had a long cherished relationship- will lend you her hand….her Media Player. Through her, you will communicate your message and put together all your work. And as usual, she will be on the ready to entertain your guests!

“By the way, I hear you have reignited your relationship with a former lover- is she as good?

“Good luck…Mr. AutoCAD® Sir!”