‘AutoCAD Captured Live!’ Movie

AutoCAD Captured Live!’ is the avant-garde movie created entirely using plain AutoCAD tools. It seeks to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of Autodesk AutoCAD software and instances where these features can be applied in real life.If you are an AutoCAD user, architect, designer, or engineer, you will find this movie very informative!


Product Description

Introduction to the ‘AutoCAD ® Captured Live!’ Movie

Imagine a scenario where AutoCAD® software (yes the one you know!) is given life, assigned the role of the main star in a movie and dispatched on a charm offensive…on a mission to charm the world!

For over 30 years, AutoCAD® has dominated the world of CAD unchallenged. He prides himself as being the oldest and most prominent member of the CAD family. This period has also seen him evolve from a haggard-looking fellow often known for his shaky performance and engaged only for drafting activities to an all-round super-human capable of single-handedly carrying out all manner of assignments- including modeling and animations work! It is this quality that makes him so exceptional….so outstanding….so renowned!

Yet despite his vast endowments, AutoCAD® is widely sought after for menial tasks such as sketching and drafting. It is difficult to tell why this is so but many argue that, whereas he can perform a wider variety of tasks than most of his colleagues in the BIM and Animations lineages – his genetic composition constrains him from undertaking special missions that require sophisticated weaponry and superior brainpower. As a result, much of his prowess has largely remained untried and underutilized!

On the other hand, his colleagues in the CAD family – majority of who belong to the genetically superior BIM generation – feel way smarter than their older colleague because of their sophisticated DNA composition which makes them suitable for special missions; missions which require expert hands! For example, while the ever-alluring Autodesk Revit® is an expert at matters building, her colleague – the illustrious Autodesk Inventor® – is celebrated for all matters manufacturing.

Meanwhile, at the Autodesk laboratories – where most of the CAD offspring are conceived, there is a policy change in favour of TeamCADs; a group comprising of highly skilled specialists working together with other cadres for a common course. TeamCAD members, while on an assignment, are expected to work harmoniously and complement one another. This means that AutoCAD® will therefore be an integral member of the numerous CAD troops that Autodesk® deploys into the field.

On the other hand, Chris Bradshaw, the chief strategist for AutoCAD® growth and attractiveness at Autodesk, and his team of technocrats – while in agreement with this policy – are however a concerned lot; they aver that, under the new arrangement, AutoCAD®’s vast arsenal will most likely be underutilized or overshadowed by his specialist colleagues in the team. Despite lacking the smart brains that many of his colleagues in the team are endowed with, AutoCAD® can on his own perform most of the tasks that his BIM colleagues do; the only difference being in the manner and style. For example, while Autodesk Revit is very proactive and engaging in her approach, AutoCAD® on the other hand is generally passive and impulsive!

Somewhere in the wilderness of Africa, Paniel- a middle aged chap with a personal relationship with AutoCAD® that dates back to the mid 90s- has been following on the latest developments at Autodesk with a keen eye. Although he is a little concerned that this new approach may overshadow AutoCAD® and make him appear the weaker, Paniel has welcomed Autodesk’s new approach because this is the only way to triumph over today’s complex challenges. However, he sincerely fears for the future of AutoCAD®.

And AutoCAD® himself, conscious of his limited brainpower, is happy to be a member of TeamCAD- after all, there is a lot to achieve through teamwork. But he has one personate plea; he pleads to be given a chance- a challenge to fight this widespread notion that he is an inferior member of the TeamCAD! Having recently undergone surgical modifications to improve his overall performance and appeal, he now feels more empowered… more endowed…more energized! He feels he has what it takes to take on anyone! Curiously, he has directed his request to Paniel!

Because he has great confidence in him- having previously engaged him in some of the most grueling missions around the world – and to cement their relationship further, Paniel has yielded to AutoCAD®’s request. AutoCAD® will embark on a mission never imagined of before….On an extraordinary operation never undertaken by an individual…On a mission ‘IMPOSSIBLE!’….A mission dubbed; “Operation Charm the World!”

Will AutoCAD emerge stronger?